Friday, March 27, 2009

KDN haramkan Media Asing ini kaitkan Presiden Umno dan Altantuya

KDN patut bertindak segera.
Haramkan PERMIT media asing ini.
Kerajaan Malaysia juga patut SAMAN mereka.
Wartawan mereka juga patut kena ISA.

Scandals Cloud Succession in Newly Unsure Malaysia-New York Times.

Arms deal link to death of model-TimesOnline

Arms deal scam: Death of model rocks Malaysia-Times of India.

Murder of 'Far Eastern Mata Hari' linked to Malaysia's PM-in-waiting.

The Altantuya Shaaribuu Case: How and why she was killed.

Model's jungle death linked to arms deal.

Malaysia is roiled by a crisis of democracy.

Kepemimpinan Najib Diragukan.

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